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Commotion at the Ocean - Clatsop County Fair - July 30 - August 3, 2013 Commotion at the Ocean - Clatsop County Fair - July 30 - August 3, 2013
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Gun & Knife Show - July 6 & 7

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  • cyclocross
  • rodeo rider
  • bucking bronco
  • bull riding
  • stunt bike
  • Spangler Winery
  • Wine tasting at Crab, Seafood, & Wine Festival
  • cyclocross
  • 4-H member with project lamb.
  • stunt bike
  • Brad's World Reptiles
  • talent show
  • mechanical bull ride
  • tapestries and painted cow at county fair
  • dairy goat at fair
  • duroc sow with piglets
  • dirt rally
  • Dock Dogs
  • bike rider

How to trade in binomo We're what's going on! The Clatsop County Fair and Expo is located on 109 verdant acres overlooking the Walluski River - just 3 miles from Astoria and home to the annual Clatsop County Fair held during the first week of August. But you don't have to wait until fair time to enjoy our wonderful facilities. We invite you to check out our calendar of events. Whether it's horse shows, recreational or sports events, monster trucks, or one of clatsop county's annual extravaganzas such as the Crab, Wine, & Seafood and Scandinavian Festivals, you'll find it here. Come join us where the Columbia meets the Pacific and Feel The Magic!


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